AutoQuotes Newsletter July 2015

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Jul 21, 2015

FEDA Data Interchange (FDI) - Order Status Portal When FEDA’s President, Brad Pierce, initiated the idea for the FEDA Data Interchange (FDI), it was quite apparent that this was an opportunity to enhance communication and encourage collaboration amon…

AutoQuotes Newsletter May 2015

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AQ and Order Status May 2015   Meet the AQ members of the FEDA Data Interchange ('FDI') team. They will be telling you about h…

AutoQuotes Newsletter March 2015

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Mar 23, 2015

The FEDA Data Interchange       At NRA 2014 there was a meeting of the Presidents of all 5 associations. The discussion led directly to an initiative to work together with trust, technology, and innovation t…

AutoQuotes Newsletter February 2015

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Feb 19, 2015

The FEDA Data Interchange       When Michael Whiteley started his NAFEM presidency this past year, his first President's Letter addressed his aspiration to improve technology in the distribution channel. "O…

AutoQuotes Newsletter December 2014

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Dec 29, 2014

Got Data? Every company in every level of the Foodservice Equipment channel has IT assets and broadband service exponentially more powerful than a few years ago.  But without a standard for data interchange, the exchange of data from manufacturers …

AutoQuotes Newsletter November 2014

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Nov 18, 2014

Expediting Order Status Michael Greenwald For years, partners in the channel have spoken sporadically of collaboration, yet evidence of any real progress remains elusive. Today, the climate exists to make that collaboration aspiration a reality. …

AutoQuotes Newsletter October 2014

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Oct 30, 2014

New Strategies for Data Interchange in the Channel In his first President’s Message in FEDA magazine, Brad Pierce wrote about his meeting at the NRA Show with the FCSI, CFESA, MAFSI, NAFEM presidents.  “If often feels like our industry operates in …

AutoQuotes Newsletter June 2013

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Oct 31, 2013

AutoQuotes Newsletter April 2013

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Apr 15, 2013

AutoQuotes 2013 Today AutoQuotes has 25,000 subscribers:  consultants, dealers, reps, and manufacturers. Ten percent of subscribers are international and represent the UK, Canada, Mexico, and 25 other foreign countries. In the UK version, CaterQuo…

AutoQuotes Newsletter Jan. 2013 Part 1

POSTED by AQTECHTALK on Jan 31, 2013

NAFEM Show 2013 Well, the NAFEM show is just a little over a week away and we’ve been busy preparing for a few months.  We are truly psyched for this gig & look forward to seeing many friends and colleagues there. On Friday, AutoQuotes employee…